Message from the Director

After spending many years in the field of education and by observing the operations of many leading schools here in Pakistan, I have come to the conclusion that the school’s responsibility in the overall development of children vis-à-vis, socially, ethically, mentally, and physically is even greater than the parents’ responsibility.

Children in a class, come from different backgrounds, but at school they sit in one class and become one unit, so it is the responsibility of the teachers to bring them at the same level during their schooling.

Character building, teaching mannerism and civic sense is also the responsibility of the school, Noorpur Public High School and College gives special attention and time to this aspect to ensure that its students standout in the world and can face the challenges successfully.

I believe that English, Urdu (spoken, spellings and handwriting), Mathematics and science are the basis of education, if the child has a strong base in these subjects, he/she will always be successful in life. Apart from making the education base strong, we at Noorpur Public High School and College make all efforts to inculcate reading habit in the students and then make them express themselves on paper. By the time our students reach Class 7, they would have learnt to  express themselves on paper. By the time our students reach Class 7, they would have read the
basic literature both of English and Urdu.

I strongly believe in continuous learning, at Noorpur Public High School and College, we emphasis on professional development of the staff, we make sure that all teachers attend the workshops conducted by the professional teacher trainers, so that they are ready to impart education in a better and effective way.

I thank you for entrusting your confidence in Noorpur Public High School and College by admitting your child, I ensure you that you have taken the right decision for your child’s future.