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Secondarily, the youth of Pakistan is willing to join Pakistan Air Force (PAF) look for guidance on how to join Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Here is an in-depth guide for students and job seekers on how to join Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is the aeronautical hostilities branch of Pakistan Armed Forces whose role is the aeronautics defense and providing support to Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy.

Moreover, Pakistan Navy offers career opportunities under the Service Courses, Permanent Courses and Grant of Permanent Courses (PC) to Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Offices holding Short Service Commission (SSC) and Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC). Candidates are hired as Officers and JCOS / Airmen under Service Courses. Basic Staff Courses (BSC), Junior Command and Staff Courses (JC&SC), Senior Command and Staff Courses (SC&SC), Skill Enhancement Program (SEP) Skill Enhancement Programme (SEP) / Qualifying Exam I (QE – I), Advance Skill Test (AST) / Qualifying Exam II (QE – II), Maintenance Supervisory Course (MSC) / Qualifying Exam III (QE – III) and Military Leadership and Command Course (M L & C) are offered for Officers and JCSO / Airmen under Service Courses. Candidates at Pakistan Air Force (PAF) are also provided opportunities for further education in different foreign universities under Permanent Commission (PC) for Foreign Courses with Turkish Air Force Setup, Aero Engine Courses and Professional Trade Training Courses with Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Setup. Besides, candidates holding Short Service Commission (SSC), Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC) and Extended Service Commission (ESC) are eligible for Permanent Commission (PC).

There are tough criteria to get selected for Pakistan Air Force (PAF) just like Pakistan Army, the candidate has to undergo multiple testing procedures. Pakistan Air Force (PAF) offers multiple benefits such as:

  • Defece Services Officers Provident (DSOP) Fund
  • Reduced Air and Train Fare
  • Deputation and courses abroad
  • Housing Schemes
  • Non practicing allowance for doctors>
  • Free medical treatment
  • Free air lift to certain specified locations on availability of service aircraft


Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is as respected as Pakistan Navy (PN) and Pakistan Army (PA) since it is a very noble profession of defending the aerial borders of Pakistan.

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