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Salient Features of Noorpur Public High School & College

1. Character Building:

The slogan of Noorpur Model High School & College is “Tarbiyat o Taleem” instead of ‘Taleem o Tarbiyat’, that is why proper concentration is given to character building at our school and college. The best syllabus is available in the form of Aahadees e mubaraka. In the first year we only ask students to leave telling a lie, then we inculcate ‘Eesar o Qubani’ social welfare and civic sense to produce future well mannered and true Muslims and Pakistanis.

2. Teaching Methodology:

Children are taught 10 hours a day, they are being given Namaz and sports breaks. All the students are encouraged to participate in sports and co-curricular activities. They are given different exercises to improve their intelligence. Reading drills are done to improve their reading capabilities.

3. Emphasis on Handwriting:

Proper emphasis is given on Urdu and English handwriting. Students are taught actual scripts of both Urdu and English.

4. Faculty:

We believe that only qualified, well trained and hardworking teachers can teach the students diligently. We believe that those who themselves are ready to learn can make our students to learn, that is why all our teachers are well qualified, trained and hardworking who try to find all kinds of methodologies to impart education to our students.

5. Hostel Facility:

There is a hostel facility available. The standard of our hostel is just like any of cadet colleges’ hostels. Fresh food is cooked three times a day. Students study regularly and on prescribed timings under the

6. Medical Assistance:

If god forbid any of the boarders fell sick, a doctor is always present in the campus. If any student has to undergo an operation, parents are immediately informed. All the expenses are charged in the next fee bill.

7. Medium of Instructions:

The medium of instructions is English both at school and college.

8. Boys and Girls Separate Classes:

Boys and girls have separated campus.

9. Co Curricular Activities and Sports:

We at Noorpur Model High School and College believe that healthy body has a healthy mind, we offer the platform to all the students to explore their potential in the field of sports. A cricket academy has been established under the supervision of International Cricketer Rana Naveed ul Hassan to nurture the talent of young boys. We aim to see our students in all national teams.
Students are provided with a platform to polish their hidden talent in debates, painting, long march, quiz and discussions.

10. Religious Education:

Students  say their prayers five times a day. Besides this, students are taught all masnoon duain, azaan, namaz e janaza,dua e qanoot, ayat ul qurrsi and others. Nazrah e Quran becomes compulsory from class 8’h.

11. Classroom size and Environment:

Classrooms are spacious and at the most 30 students are accommodated. Students sit comfortably. Internet connection will soon be arranged in each class. All possible teaching aids are provided to the teachers so that they may make the lesson more simpler and practical.

12. Science and Computer Laboratory and Library:

State-of-the-art, well equipped computer and science labs are available in both campus to assist students to do all the practical work necessary according to their syllabus and curriculum. A well stocked library is also available to quench the literary thirst of the students