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1. Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.

2. Alteration of the school uniform such that it changes the appearance as depicted in the student uniform list is not allowed.

3. Students should get into the routine of being at school on time; students who arrive late disrupt the class and often miss important concepts. Students who are late should present a note from parents or guardians explaining reasons for lateness. In lieu of a note, parents may wish to telephone the school, but this practice should not be more than once a week.

4. Late corners will not be allowed to attend the assembly, they will be made to stand outside the assembly area, till the time assembly is over.

5. Written permission is required from the parent/guardian before a child can be sent on a field trip organised by the school.

6. Students must behave with integrity in a socially responsible manner. e.g. perform duties, queue up, return eating utensils and queue up in the canteen when purchasing food.

7. Prohibited Items in School Students found contravening these regulations will have their items confiscated.

a. Mobile phone

b. Radio/TV of any size

c. Obscene and pornographic materials

d. Weapons

e. Knives or cutters

f. Fireworks

g. Pyrotechnics (Levelaring fire works)

h. Pirated or unlicensed materials

i. Tobacco products and alcohol

j. Electronic entertainment and gaming devices – e.g. PSPs, ipods, MP3 or MP4 etc.

k. All items that the school deems to be potentially offensive, disruptive or harmful.

I. All other items prohibited under Pakistan law.

8. Be polite and refined in manners at all times. Proper decorum should be maintained at all times.

9. Respect and obey school authorities – e.g. principal, teachers, student leaders, and non-teaching staff, at all times and regardless of the circumstances.

10. Be considerate and show care and concern to others – e.g. students are not to use vulgar language, threaten, bully, annoy, hurt others regardless of circumstances.

11. Take good care of school property and premises and use them with proper authorization.

12. Demonstrate a sense of civic mindedness.

13. No litter or rubbish is to be thrown or left lying about.

14. Students are to be quiet and seated in an orderly manner during all school events.

15. Students must not bring valuable items to the school. If this is violated, the teachers will keep such items, which will only be returned when his/her parents come and collect it/them.